Depositing with Play+ Prepaid Card - Overview (US)

What is Play+ PrePaid Card?

Play+ is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)-insured reloadable secure account that may be used to fund your Golden Nugget Online Gaming wallet. Find a list of states where Play+ is available on their Sign-Up page.


  • Play+ Prepaid Card deposits process immediately.


  • A verified registered Play+ Prepaid Card account that matches your associated Golden Nugget Online Gaming account information.
  • An ID-verified Golden Nugget Online Gaming Casino account is required.


  • Play+ Prepaid Card is not permitted in all jurisdictions.
  • An initial Play+ Prepaid Card deposit is required to withdraw using this method.
  • Golden Nugget Online Gaming does not permit the use of business accounts.

Contacting Play+ Prepaid Card

Frequently asked questions

How do I deposit with Play+?

  1. Log in to your Golden Nugget Online Gaming app or website.
  2. Select Deposit in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and tap the Play+ button to complete your deposit.
  4. Enter the payment method details and complete the remaining steps for your deposit.

I am having trouble depositing with Play+, do I need a Play+ account?

Yes, players would need to have a registered Play+ account in order to deposit to Golden Nugget Online Gaming. Players can register for a Play+ account on their Sign-Up page.

I deposited with Play+ to my Golden Nugget Online Casino account, but I was charged a higher amount. Why is that?

Players can deposit with a Play+ PrePaid Card, and transfer a portion of that deposit to Golden Nugget Online Gaming while the remaining funds will remain on the Play+ Account.

Any funds that weren't added to your Golden Nugget Online Gaming account will still appear on your Play+ balance. To review your Play+ balance please go to or call Play+ Customer Service at 855-558-0043 and use the automated service.

How do I view my balance with Play+?

You can review posted transactions online by logging into the cardholder portal.

  1. Hover over the My Cards tab at the top of the screen
  2. Select Card Activity
  3. You may select a statement period and download a statement from here
Players can learn more about their Play+ account from their FAQ page.

When will I get my Play+ card?

Play+ Prepaid Cards will be mailed to your address on file within 10-14 days of funding the account. To request a replacement card or any details regarding your Play+ Prepaid card, players would need to contact Play+ at
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