What is RTP? (US)

RTP is an abbreviation of the term "Return To Player." Return to Player is the percentage of all money wagered on a game that is paid back to all players over the entire lifetime of the game. The lifetime of a game is defined by billions of hypothetical simulations of the game. All casino games at Golden Nugget Online Gaming Casino provide information on RTP.

Important Information

The RTP does not reflect the return to a single player or during a particular period of time. RTP is evaluated over the entire lifetime of the game’s existence and reflects the amount returned to players collectively. These RTPs are based on theoretical simulations done multiple times to calculate the collective amount returned.

As an example only: We have provided the image below for the slot game, 88 Fortunes. The game 88 Fortunes features a Return To Player of 96.0%.

a visual example of Return to Player from the Casino game 88 Fortunes

Players can find RTP information by going to the game rules. Learn more on how to find Golden Nugget Online Gaming Casino game rules and payback information.

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