Withdrawing with Trustly Verified Withdrawals - Overview (US)

What is Trustly?

Trustly is a third-party online banking payment processor that allows for customers to add a bank account at the time of withdrawal. 

When using Trustly, you don't need to make an initial deposit using the Golden Nugget Online Banking method to complete a withdrawal.


  • Trustly withdrawals typically take up to one (1) business day.
  • To view the most up-to-date status for your withdrawal, please visit the withdrawal tracker on your account. 


  • The bank account used for withdrawal must be in your name and match the name registered with you Golden Nugget Online Gaming Casino account.
  • Golden Nugget Online Gaming does not permit the use of business accounts.
  • Trustly is not permitted in all jurisdictions.


  • Online banking withdrawal amount cannot exceed one hundred thousand U.S. dollars ($100,000) per transaction.
  • Golden Nugget Online Gaming does not permit the use of business accounts.

Frequently asked questions

How can I withdraw via Trustly verified withdrawals?

  1. Navigate to your withdrawal page.
  2. Once on the withdrawal landing page, enter the amount you'd like to withdraw and select Continue.
  3. Select the Online Banking option. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to add a new account.
  4. After selecting Add New Account, the Trustly bank selection menu will appear for you to search for and select your bank.
  5. Once you've selected the bank you'd like to use, you'll be prompted to provide your login information for your financial institution to connect your bank account.
  6. After successfully logging in to your financial institution using the bank’s portal, you'll need to select the bank account you want to link to your Golden Nugget Online Gaming account for withdrawals. 
  7. After selecting your bank account and the linking process is complete, you'll be brought back to the Golden Nugget Online Gaming withdrawal page and select Request Withdrawal.
  8. Upon selecting Request Withdrawal, you'll need to complete Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS text message or email for the withdrawal request to be processed.

Do I need to add the account each time I want to make a withdrawal?

Once an initial withdrawal using Trustly is completed, the added bank account will be available for future withdrawal requests. Please note, that adding a new account for withdrawals will not make it available as a deposit method.

How long do withdrawals take?

Trustly follows online banking withdrawal minimums and processing times

Learn more to help with your withdrawal experience.

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