Withdrawing to PayPal Vault - Overview (US)

What is the PayPal Vault feature?

The PayPal Vault feature is a withdrawal option that allows players to use their saved  PayPal information with Golden Nugget Online Gaming to have a seamless withdrawal experience.

Players only need to sign in once with their PayPal account and deposit to Golden Nugget Online Gaming, and then the PayPal information will be saved and available for future transactions.


  • PayPal withdrawals typically take at least two (2) business days. 
  • To view the most up-to-date status for your withdrawal, please visit the withdrawal tracker on your account. 


  • A prior PayPal deposit to Golden Nugget Online Gaming from your individual PayPal account.
  • A verified, personal PayPal account that matches your associated Golden Nugget Online Gaming account information, with an existing PayPal balance on file is required.
  • The PayPal account used for withdrawals must be in your name.
  • PayPal Business accounts aren’t accepted for deposit or withdrawal on Golden Nugget Online Gaming.


  • PayPal withdrawal amount cannot exceed sixty thousand U.S. dollars ($60,000) per transaction.
  • Golden Nugget Online Gaming does not permit the use of business accounts.
  • PayPal is not permitted in all jurisdictions.

Contacting PayPal:

Frequently asked questions

Can I save my PayPal account information before making a deposit?

No, players need to deposit with their PayPal once in order to use this method to withdraw. Once a player has made their first deposit to Golden Nugget with their PayPal account, they will be able to use the PayPal Vault.

How do I change the default funding source for my PayPal account?

Players can change the default funding source for their PayPal account by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings on PayPal.
  2. Click Payments.
  3. Click Manage automatic payments.
  4. Select the merchant.
  5. On this page, players can update their preferred payment method.

How do I unlink my PayPal account from my Golden Nugget account?

Players can unlink their PayPal by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings on PayPal.
  2. Select Payments.
  3. Select Manage automatic payments.
  4. Select the merchant or store you want to change.
  5. Select on "Cancel" or "Cancel automatic billing" and follow the instructions.
  6. Once canceled, players will receive a confirmation that PayPal has been unlinked.

Players can learn more on how to unlink their PayPal from this PayPal Help Center article.

Can I link more than one PayPal account to the PayPal Vault?

No, players can only link one PayPal account to their Golden Nugget Online Gaming Account via the PayPal Vault.

Is withdrawing via PayPal available in all jurisdictions?

Due to regulatory requirements, withdrawal via PayPal is not permitted in all jurisdictions. Please contact our Golden Nugget Online Gaming Customer Support Team if you have any questions about which options are available in your jurisdiction.
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