What are Casino Deposit Bonus playthrough requirements? (US)

What are play-through requirements?

A Casino Deposit Bonus play-through requirement is a condition of a Casino Deposit Bonus that a player needs to meet to complete a Casino Deposit Bonus and have the Casino Bonus Funds and any winnings associated with the Casino Deposit Bonus be eligible for withdrawal as cash. In most cases, play-through requirements apply to both your original deposit amount and the bonus amount. The play-through requirements define the number of times the funds need to be wagered, or in certain cases, the amount that needs to be played to earn Casino Bonus Funds.

Frequently asked questions

What is a play-through period?

The play-through requirements must be completed during the applicable Play-Through Period. To avoid any confusion or doubt, the time frame is measured in hours starting from the time the Casino Bonus Funds are added to your account. For example, three (3) days is measured as 72 hours from the time the Casino Bonus Funds are added to your account while seven (7) days is measured as 168 hours from the time the Casino Bonus Funds are added to your account.

Play-through periods will be defined in the terms and conditions of the promotional offer.

What are contribution rates?

All Casino Bonus Funds have a required number of times they need to be played through before the winnings can be withdrawn (i.e. 1x, 5x, or 10x). While a customer can wager on many Casino games available on Golden Nugget Online Gaming Casino, not every game contributes towards the play-through requirements at the same contribution percentage. Most games do contribute toward the play-through requirement but can contribute differently based on what game is being played. Here are the current contribution rates:
Game Category: Contribution Percentage:
Most Slots, Rocket, Keno, Virtual Sports 100%
Blackjack, Other Table Games, Live Dealer Games, Roulette, & Select Slots* 20%
Craps, Video Poker, Baccarat, & Other Variety Games 0%
  • Important Note: Any games with a 0% contribution rate will not contribute toward the play-through requirement for a Casino Deposit Bonus. Please be aware that any winnings earned from a 0% contribution rate game would be considered locked winnings until the playthrough requirement is met.
  • To find more information about Select Slots (and for a list of Select Slot games), please go to the What is a Casino Deposit Bonus page.
  • Important Note: This list is subject to change.

What happens if the requirements aren't met during the Play-through Period?

If the play-through requirements are not met within the Play-through Period, any winnings, bonus funds tied to the Casino Deposit Bonus, and wagered portion of your original deposit will expire and be forfeited.

What happens if I placed wagers before forfeiting my bonus?

At any point, you may decide to forfeit your Casino Deposit Bonus and remove yourself from the promotion. Forfeiture of the Casino Deposit Bonus will result in the loss of the wagered portion of the original deposit, any remaining bonus funds, and any winnings tied to the forfeited Casino Deposit Bonus promotion. For more information, please go to How do I forfeit my Casino Deposit Bonus.

Can I remove myself from a Casino Deposit Bonus?

Yes, for more information, please go to How do I forfeit my Casino Deposit Bonus.

Is there a way to track my progress for a play-through requirement?

Players can track their progress by going to the My Rewards page.

The complete terms and conditions regarding your offer can be located on your promotions page.

Learn more about play-through requirements.

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