Golden Nugget Online Gaming Player Limits - Overview (US)

Important Information

As part of Golden Nugget Online Gaming’s commitment to responsible gaming, there are a variety of player limits available to help players manage their access and use of Casino.

Casino player limits: Please note that any decrease to a limit on an account on Golden Nugget Online Gaming Casino will become effective immediately. Any increase to the limits on an account with the website or app will be effective after the set period of the previous limit on that site has expired.

Casino players have the following player limits available: 

Deposit Limits

Deposit Limits: Limit the amount of funds you can deposit into your account by choosing an amount over a daily, weekly, and monthly period.

    • Note: Deposit limits are set at the account level and will limit the amount you can deposit for all Golden Nugget Online Gaming products. 

Wagering limits

Wagering limits: Select how much you can wager on Golden Nugget Online Gaming Casino.

Max wager limits

Max wager limits: Select a limit on the maximum amount of any single wager you can place on Golden Nugget Online Gaming Casino.

Time limits

Time limits: Select a time limit to restrict the number of hours in a day you can spend on the site.

When do player limits reset for Casino?

All limits are UTC: 

  • Daily rollup starts at midnight UTC. 
  • Weekly rollup starts at midnight UTC Sunday. 
  • Monthly rollup starts at midnight UTC on the first of every month.

In addition to setting player limits, you can also self exclude from participating on Golden Nugget Online Gaming.

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